Hello all,

recently all was working fine until one day my NBM server would report

back "Unable to connect to origin Web server" when trying to browse an

internal web server. the address is on a linux web server along withabout 10 other addresses, all on the same box. i can browse all of
these private ips and names (names and internal IPs are in the
etc\hosts file on the NBM server) except for one. from a client, if Iuncheck "use a proxy server" and type in the suspect ip address, the
site pulls up just fine; through the proxy, Unable to connect to
origin Web server.. the client PC and the NBM server are on the samenetwork address, and the default gateway for the web server's ip
addresses are all set to the ip address of the NBM internal interface.

all of these private ip addresses are statically NATed to its own
address, and all are reachable via the internet except for that one.
ALL are pingable from any node, internal or external (via NAT). IPFLT

is not loaded. sometimes when I reboot NBM server it works for a
while then quits. thanks all i know :) any ideas?