Could someone please help me here? I am not an expert with Novell,
and am
even worse off with Bordermanager, but Im going to cope with it rather
switch over to another solution. Here is my predicament:

Bordermanager server, NAT translation to about 50 client PC's behind
the BM
server. BM Server has a Public IP, all clients behind the BM server
Private 192.168.0.xxx address's. Trying to use PCAnywhere to remotelycontrol a client on the private side. I used TID 10024898 (Creating
exceptions for PCAnywhere) which got me no where, I cant ping the
client, or
connect via PCAny. Is there any way I can use ANY remote control
easily through bordermanager? Or should I go ahead and just rip
novell out of our servers and use a an easier Microsoft product?


Jason Buist

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