Does anyone know what the offical line is on Categories assiged to contacts in the address book.

We have a 5 user company which was using Outlook 2000 and a PST sharing tool. They had setup approx 150 Categories for types of business. The PST was imported in using Formative Personal Outlook migration pack which kept this information. In the user it was imported in if you look at the Categories you will see the 150+. If you filter on the Category you only see the one you select.

If you share this address book, the Categories do not show at the user you have shared it with.

If you add the Categories manually on the shared user, they do not show either when you filter on the Contacts/Address Book. Aka it does not create some kind of link. Nor do your colours show etc

The server is NOWS SBE2 with the GroupWise 8 install that came down from the Sibma installer. I have been waiting for SP1 before upgrading. Tried rebuilding the Domain/PO etc.

We have ended up with the following support requests on it.

But not an answer to the question of how is it mean to work. Aka is Categories and Colours per user only or if you share a address book with these applied, can this information appear in the user who is accessing the shared book.