Our BM v3.7SP2 firewall server is attached to a hub with 2 Cisco
attached. One router is to our ISP and another to a 3rd party

BM Firewall:
ISP Router:
3rd Party Router:

Our internal network is a private addressing schem: ... hence we have NAT running.

Our default route on the firewall is to the ISP via that router. We
static routes in to reach others subnets on the 3rd party backbone via

the 2nd router.

We have been asked to setup the following for traffic directed out the

3rd party router ... "So with the nattting on your firewall you will
to create a rule that says if the trafic is destined for network X (on

the 3rd party network), then I need to translate its source IP to be"

How do I do this on BorderManager?

Dale Bentley