We have several sites, some with BM39SP2 and some with older versions.
Some sites have multiple BM servers, so Access Rules are managed via the container object.

The issue we now have is inability to manage the older BM access rules...
Management for the 'new' servers on the main site is ok (ish... well, as ok as battling with imanager can be ;-)

However when we try and manage the container rules for the other sites we can't manage by either NwAdmin or iManager...

NWAdmin reports:
"RESTRICT: You can not configure or modify Access Rules through NWAdmin. Instead use iManager."

iManager reports:
"Either you have selected the wrong object or the migration is not done properly (Please run the fillattr manually )"

...rock and hard place... It's not possible to get the other servers updated anytime soon, so are the any attributes I can modify or delete to let me use good old nwadmin to manage my 'legacy' bm acls??