I have a cluster of OES2SP1 servers that has not been patched since installation. There are multiple patches now available that could be relevant to various issues we experience (NSS, NCS, LUM, eDir, AFP, etc), but I want to make sure that I'm aware of any best practices involved in patching cluster nodes.

Our plan is to first apply all updates to the server holding a the master copy of all replicas (not in our cluster) since the updates include an eDir update to 885.

Once that is complete, we plan to update various standalone OES2SP1 fileservers to give the updates a little more "burn-in" and validate the NSS aspects of the updates.

At that point, we need to update our cluster nodes and I was wondering if anyone could offer any recommendations on the preferred way to do this. Lots of questions come to mind:

-Can the nodes be updated one at a time, or does the cluster need to be done all at once?
-Is there any danger if resources are migrated to a node that hasn't been updated from one that has or vice versa?
-Do resources need to be offlined / ncs unloaded during updating?

Any advice?