Saw in the 10.2.1 TID 7003766 listed under 'Fixes (TID Pending) is a fix for
patches being uninstalled when deleted which I ran into when trying to clean
out the 11,000+ bundles I ended up with in my ZPM directory.

Bug 499331 [20090420-102694] When a ZPM assignment bundle is disabled or
deleted, the corresponding patches get uninstalled on the managed device at
refresh. There currently is no actual TID with more detail. My question is
if I now delete the ZPM bundles and start fresh they are not going to remove
the patches like it did when I tried with 10.2? Reading the bug description
I am going to say I am safe. I have set in 'Zenworks Explorer
Configuration' the 'Do not uninstall' for 'Unassigned Bundles'. Anything
else I would have to check before deleting?

Best Regards,