A couple of months back I upgraded my SLES 10sp1 servers to SLES 10sp2 using ZLM. My ZLM server is running SLES 11 and version 7.3 of ZLM. My SLES 10sp2 servers are running the ZLM 7.3 client. When I look in ZCC under the Hot List it shows my main ZLM 7.3 SLES 11 server with a warning status for almost all my hosts. When I click on that to see what is going on the Event log states: Device name already existed, changed to MYSLES10HOSTNAME while attempting to register host: MYSLES10HOSTNAME I clear all these events and later on they are back. Sometimes the same ones sometimes others. I currently maintain about 200 servers using ZLM and the Event log has 44 devices with this message. What setting do I need to change or delete? Or better yet what do I need to do to correct this behavior?