I've setup a test DST on a server and it seems to work fine.

The question I have is regarding backups.

We're using nasty'ol NetBackup.

It is "pure" Linux in the sense that you don't backup volumes like you do on NetWare or other backup software.

So it sees what the file system sees.

Which, when I browse what it has backed up, looks like it maybe got things twice?

So I see:

/media/nss/APPS1 (this is the "source" volume if you will)
/media/nss/APPS1_DST (this is the target volume)

Now, the content (from the "browser" perspective) between the two APPS1 look the same.

However, I don't know if the /shadowfs is like a sym link or something or if what.

So, should I exclude one or more of the above items to be backed up?

And, if I restore, which thingy should I restore to? the /shadowfs one, or the /media/nss one?