I browsed some of the more current topics in this forum before I joined to post this, so I don't think I'm being overly redundant in my question.

I am working for a School, whose boces district posted a link to the Groupwise8 install file. When I click on it to start the install, I'll go for a moment or two then get an error message:

"Error code 1308, source file is missing" And there will be the name of a file, its extention pointing to the temporary internet folder since I'm pulling it from the web. If I click "Ignore" several dozen 'source files' will be missing, all saying the same thing:

Check to make sure this is a valid file, and make sure you can access it.

Well, when I try to track down the files, I can't find them. Even if I save the installer to the local workstation and try to run it from there, I have the same problem, only the source file is pointed to a local folder, not the Temp internet ones....doesn't matter, they're still not there.

Thoughts? Thank you.

-Jason Lonecke