On my old BM 3.8 server I had rules to allow access to sites blocked
by the filtering software. In some cases, those sites have multiple
servers within their domain and I created rules with * that worked.
For example:

URL alllow all access to http://*.website.*/*

That allowed access to www.website.com, www.website.org,
www-1.website.com, img.website.org and so on.

Now with BM 3.9SP2 I can't get those rules to work. If I add each
possible site into the rules like, www.website.com, www.website.org,
www-1.website.com, www-1.website.org, img.website.org and so on, it
works as long as I find all the various servers inside that domain and
place each one in the rule. Do the * no longer work, or do I have
to create rules differently?