Hi everyone,

I just built a new 3-node OES2 SP1 Linux cluster. I'm beating it up
pretty badly building new cluster resources and testing them.

In the process, the master ip service just stops responding. I usually
see it in iManager not being able to read the cluster status.

It also shows if I do a cluster status (or any other cluster command)
on the node hosting the master. The command just hangs.

Cluster commands issued from other nodes work fine.

The only fix I've found is to restart the node holding the master ip.
This, of course, forces the master ip to move to another server and
everything works fine again.

This is a relatively small cluster. I am also responsible for a dual
21-node BCCed cluster currently running beautifully on NetWare. I'm
going to have to move this to Linux (obviously). I'd prefer not to
have this kind of problem in that environment.

Has anyone seen this? Any clue what's going on?