We are a school system with 30 servers, one at each school and one at the board office. each school has a container and the server holds the master replica of that container. the board server holds the master of the root and a r/w of all the other replicas. they are all nw6.5 sp8 servers. We are wanting to install / migration our first linux oes2 server into the tree. at some point in the future all exsiting server will be migrated.


Is it better to install the first server at the board office and set it as the time source and let it hold the root replica?

Is it better to migrate the exsiting central office server which holds the root replica and is the time source for the county first? then migrate all others?

does it even matter where the first one goes in the tree?

Is there any special considerations that are needed in installing your first oes2 server?