SUSE 10SP2/OES2SP1, Windows XP, iPrint Client v5.20

I am limiting access to a particular printer in one of our University's computer labs. I have enabled secure printing for the printer and given one group of users "User role" access. Using iPrint Client Management, and the group mentioned above, I have set the Client Configuration to update the workstation and not to allow users to save passwords.

My problem is that the password for the first username/password of the day is remembered by the client. When a subsequent user logs into the computer, users only logoff when done, iPrint uses the username/password of that first user. The "Clear all passwords" button removes this information and the user is required to authenticate into iPrint again. I do not want to force the users to have to do this. Plus, rebooting the computer after every user is not an option.

Is there a way a way to force the iPrint client to authenticate each new user?

Phil Arnold
University of Central Arkansas