where are the .adm files kept on the ZCM10 server? I need to edit one of these in Notepad.exe in order to un-hide certain drive letters. I searched for .adm but found none. Neither did I find any and random-named zip file. (I looked for that since from what I noticed it seems to upuploads such a random-named file to the server) Although the upload path it mentioned was a web address (http://servername/zenworks/uploadservlet etc.) Our server is running SLES.

Also, am I missing something or is it anytime one would want to create & then configure a new policy (for Win7, Vista, or XP) one would have to run ZCC (and have the GP helper appl installed) from a workstation with these specific OSes installed? And any time you wanted to make any small change down the road, you'd again have to do this? (essentially have 3 pc's always available for this purpose)