I'm trying to get the nortel VPN client to work behind NAT.
To eliminate the firewall I unloaded filtsrv when testing...
I have dynamic NAT enabled on my external card, i get
an "unaable to reach host" error whenever I try to connect.

To ensure that NAT was the problem and it wasnt the modem
or soemthing I plugged a laptop directly into the Cable modem
and the client worked fine.

Then again to confirm that the problem was because the client was
behind a NAT device, I used a cheap 4port hardware router. This
hardware router runs NAT. I expected the cleint not to work
but it did.

Is novell "dynamic NAT" different than the NAT a 4port router would

I read the post below, and it seems that people are having luck
w/ static NAT. How do I go about setting that up? Is it just
as easy a going into INETCFG and selecting "Static only"?

Does anyone know if nortel COntivity client works through Static NAT?

NW5.1 w/sp4
BM35EE w/sp3