Hi all,

I have a customer, with a ZAM 7.5 setup. Basically everything if working fine, except one issue..

They have 4 virtual workstations (WinXP) in a VMWare ESX farm, containing 6 host servers, all providing load balancing. And on these XP's, they have also installed the ZAM client, to monitor software usage and have them count in software compliance reports etc.

But the issue is, that every time the (at times heavily loaded) workstation is swapped over to a new VMWare host due to the load balancing in VMWare, a new workstation is created (at next scan) in the ZAM database.
This means that within a number of weeks/months, they have quite a few representations of the same workstation, in the ZAM database. These workstations do all have the same name, but different MAC's as the VMWare hosts naturally have different MAC's.

So - how does one make ZAM understand, that it should not creat a new workstation in the database, in these situations? Any way to set up exceptions or change the "rules" for when to consider a workstation to be different from the allready existing in the database?

HHN :)