We are planning for ZCM 10.2

We will initially start off with 3 Primary servers
1xManagement server and then 2xPrimaries to do the work.
These will be virtual servers with SLES 10 SP2.

What are the recommendations for partitioning, size & file system type ?

The two primaries will be used for Imaging, Collection and Content.
Is all content distributed across all primary servers or can one specify what content goes to which servers?

Later we will expand with additional primary servers when we include more devices.

The reason I ask is we have a loads of Images adding up to over 200GB. It would not be too clever having all this synced across all primary servers.

Even if we do not select imaging roles for all primaries, can we select what content is distributed across the boxes..

We will have a seperate SQL db on a SAN.