e have a user that got married and requested her account and e-mail address be changed to her new last name. I renamed her eDirectory account and then renamed her GW account. I received an email with the following:

WARNING: The Administration Agent (ADA) at domain x_dom reported an error during a Directory Service update.

Operation: Rename object in Post Office database Return Code: D109 Task ID: 4204
Object ID: x_dom.XCS_PO.ewryan

SUGGESTION: Execute the Administration program at domain x_dom and synchronize the above object.

We're run all of the GW utilities we know of and we keep seeing:

Error 44- Database userrb1.db is invalid due to security breach!
- Verification USER_ID is "ewryan", should be "ehenry"
- Please try to recover correct database from backup

I tried the backup, but the file in the backup would still not work.

I've renamed her account back and re-run the utils and nothing. In the end, I had to completely re-create her account from scratch but she has a lot of important mail in her old userrb1.db file that I would really like to be able to pull out, if possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?