Hi everyone!

I`m looking for some advise regarding GroupWise 8 migration from Netware to SLES with OES2 (everything on 1 server with about 500 users). I guess the big thing about this migration is that we want to keep the same IP.. this is where I'm not sure which direction to take.

Currently GroupWise runs on Netware 6.5 (I'd need to check SP version) under VMWare ESX 3.5 u4 with a separate physical RDM LUN for mail. Now we need more space at the same time, so I will be creating a brand new LUN with double the space so we are good for the next few years (*cough* yea right *cough*).

I guess I could mount the new NSS volume on an existing SLES 10 OES 2 server and run a first pass of DBCOPY on a friday night. Down GroupWise the Saturday morning, do a final DBCOPY and then install a brand new VM with OES 2 and GroupWise 8 on SLES 10 SP2 with the same IP (would I need to delete anything in eDirectory first?) and then mount the new NSS volume on that VM?

Any input is appreciated.