Oddly enough I am working in a Groupwise environment that has been upgraded a few times over the last 8 years one version to the next etc. Currently everything is on Groupwise 8 HP1 and Linux SLES10 Enterprise setups with approximately 27 POA's.

We have a combination of uppercase and lowercase folders and file names from those migrations that I know are all supposed to be lower case for Linux, but the POA's are working properly and the nwguard.db databases are not reporting errors and that means that the guard databases are currently populated with the correct names etc.

Is there a way from what I have read Article 7003162 to be able to fix these problems without the whole POA getting corrupted by doing a in place DBCOPY -m which will change the physical files on the discs and then run a GWCHECK with a STORELOWERCASE option to change the filenames within the nwguard.db and it all convert the names to lower case with NO issues?

Has anyone ran into this and attempted to do such successfully?

Thanks ahead of time