when activating <gwTrace>, the SOAP traces get logged to the POA dir, but not the
login request cause the password is sent in clear text.
So a login request for a proxy login is also not looged. Any possibility to get that
changed; a proxy login never sends a password.

Background for that question:
We've a customer who gets task created in accounts, where we do not login; so we'd
like to log the soap traces to eventually find any reason for that.
We activate <gwTrace> in the login and the proxyLogin, but the proxy login doesn't
get logged; I suppose cause it's a 'normal' login for gw.

Then we activated the debug mode for the POA logging, but there is only logged the
login of the 'main' account; the login to the proxy account isn't logged there.

So, what options do I have to get a proof (log) for our customer, to which account(s)
we haved logged on???