Using the GW8 windows client, if the user has the address book sorted by first name, creates a new email message, clicks the "Address" button, then selects Match by "Last Name", then enters the first character of a last name in the "Look for" box, the name the address list jumps to is not at all correct. I could type L and get a person named Bonnie Smith, who has no l in their name at all, even though there are plenty of people whos names end in L (we have about 2200 address book entries). No matter what letter I type, I nevet get a person whos last name starts with that letter.

If the address book is sorted by last name, it will work properly.

Im using GW8 on Windows XP, build 5/14/09. The GW7 client does not seem to have this problem.

Any ideas? This affects all of our 2000 users. Could our address book be corrupt somehow?