I've read some other discussions that come close to my situation, but I haven't found any solid documentation that will help me.

Here's my scenario:
- GW8 server on Netware 6.5 is just a single PO in a larger organization
- Already have an eDir server running on Win 2003 in addition to eDir on the only Netware 6.5 in our environment

What I'd like to do:
- Install GW8 on Window 2008 (do I have to install eDir since we already have an eDir server on 2003?)
- Move the PO from Netware to Win 2008

What I need is a detailed guide/best practice on moving GW8 to Win 2008. I'm quite technical, so I learn quickly, but I don't have much experience with NW or GW. All the discussions I've read so far deal in generalities, I need to know exactly which files/folders I need to copy and where they need to be copied in order to get GW moved to Win 2008.

I'm hoping there's some online manual or guide or best practice document that someone can refer me to?

Also, we're definitely going to use Win 2008, 2003 is not an option at the moment.

Thanks for any help and suggestions.