Hi all...

ran into an interesting issue last night and wanted to poll the forum

My client has been experiencing DNS resolution issues for the last
week -
mostly a case of GWIA not being able to resolve MX records. During
course of the troubleshooting, I discovered that the server itself was

intermittently unable to resolve DNS when doing pings from the
We went thru and unloaded filters, unloaded BorderManager, etc and the

only way we were able to reliably get name resolution was to eliminate

Static & Dynamic NAT and go to Dynamic only. The server in question
is a
Netware 5.1 server with Bordermanager 3.6.

A few questions:

a) I vaguely remember there being issues with having Static and
enabled simultaneously - is this still the case?

b) any additional suggestions on troubleshooting the issue?

Thx in advance...