We have an older NW6.5 sp6 server. It has 2 hard disks attached to an
Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI controller. Each hard disk has a DOS partition. The
server is set up with two mirrored partitions, one for the pool containing
Sys and the other for the pool containing our data volumes. This morning
the server had gone down overnight and when attempting to reboot there were
errors indicating mirrored objects were unable to mirror. The server was
unable to complete the boot process. We turned off the server and
restarted, we canceled the Netware boot to get to a DOS prompt. both drve
C: and D: are still accessible. Started Netware using Server - na. Went
into NSSMU. It shows all the partitions, but no Pools. Is there anything
we can do to regain access to the missing pools and volumes?


Brad Johnson

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