Hi All

I run a mixed Groupwise infrastructure v7 & v8. I wish to create a user rule that can test whether the sender is internal or external to the Groupwise system. I have tried the testing the 'sender' & 'author' for the presence of an @ - assuming that external email senders WILL contain the character.. but it does not work.

I have also looking into the mime return path options also looking for the @ character.

Basically what I want to achieve is for aN account to auto reply to an internal user (confirming reciept of their email) but NOT to reply to any potential external user who may e-mail into the account. The reason being that this account also auto forwards the received mail to an external clearing house. Consequently I do not want random emails entering and then effectively relaying back out. Once I have a good 'rule' I will use the same logic to control the auto forward.

I suppose I could restrict the visability of the user to just 'domain', but am not sure that that will stop external emails getting delivered?? The beauty of Groupwise from my expeience is that it does not reply to random external email attacks queering for valid accounts.

After years of managing GW systems, the documentation behind the cleaver use of the rules is a frustrating issue. Does anyone have an advanced guide?

Nick Furnell