What would be the possible reasons that a recent entry in a NAT table

would work/take affect? I'm stumped.

This is on a 3.5 BM server using static and dynamic. The ISP has given
63 possible addresses, thus far we have 8 configured. Those all work
I have used the ADD SECONDARY IPADDRESS and have confirmed it is there

through DISPLAY. I have addded the appropriate internal and external addresses in the table and have reinitialized. From the server with
NIC that is being translated, I can ping BM, I can ping externally.
course, the server has a couple of NICs). From BM, I can ping the
in question's NIC and the external address assigned to it.

However, I cannot ping from the outside world to the externall address

assigned. It's like the translation isn't happening. Can anyone offer


Also, unloaded filters when pinging so that the pings go through.
external addresses ping fine.