Our internet connection to our LAN is T1 and our public IP address to
Manager provided by our Internet provider.

I have 6 servers with NAT entry in Border Manager 3.6 and they can
internet no problem.
I wanted to add another server with NAT, the moment I add NAT, the
that I am trying to put NAT for can not access the internet.
If I remove the NAT, that server starts accessing the internet. I
understand why.
(Note: we don't use default filters, we blocked most of the ports
default HTTP, TCP and SMTP ports)

1) Do I need my internet provider to put a pointer (Public name)
record for
this server in order to let this server access internet
(I think, this may be the reason why because public IP we assign
to this
server at BM, is not defined by our internet provider)
2) If # 1 is false, does filters have anything to do with? (Remind
you, any
workstation in my LAN can access internet)