Has anyone had any issues with the Linux Based 8.0 Agent HP1 either loosing itself and then it re-connects after an amount of time or has to be completely turned off and back on?

The company moved from GW7 to GW8 and this has resolved quite a few of their prior problems with this, but we are slowly starting to see this happening a little more since our upgrade.

I also found an article #1083920 GroupWise agents have problems to communicate with other GroupWise agents

I have skimmed this article but has anyone found that it is a possible fix using the switch of TCPWAITDATA OR TCPWAITCONNECT to resolve something like this?

I also have seen the GWIA just stop logging and its files are 0 bytes over say a weekend and I have had to turn off the agent and turn it back on to get it back logging...

Thanks ahead of time!