We've been running BM for years..3.0 through 3.7 where we now are with

the last round of patches applied. On top of NW6 sp3.

It's been running fine for a long time. Suddenly yesterday we started

having problems with FTP. We have a system inside the firewall wherefolks do web design. Twice a day the updated results are published to
web server outside the firewall. Been this way for years. Yesterdaymorning it was fine, late in the day it won't publish because FTP
out. This morning it is still timing out and this afternoon same

Small files can get through randomly, larger files pretty much not.
Terminal services will crash whenever this happens, but can be resumed

once we cancel the attempted FTP session. HTTP seems to pretty much
work okay no matter what.

It's not just this one site either, else I would suspect the sending
receiving station. Various complaints are coming in from all over the

building that folks can't FTP to a number of sites outside Border.

We've not made changes in a long while. I did monkey with some
Friday but they weren't FTP filters and even if they were, if it was a

filter problem shouldn't it just not work at all (as opposed to
started then time out and quit)? Does FTP use one port for
establishing the connection and doing list dirs and such then pick
another port for actual data transfer?

Nic card? How could other things like proxy to HTTP sites outside the

firewall work then?

This is just really a weird one.

Thanks for any ideas.