Hi guys, we had a primary server and this was connected to our seperate SQL 2005 Server. We started to pilot ZCM 10 on a few users, and the agent was very slow refreshing and auto starting applications, I added another 2 Primary Servers, and the agent now appears to run at a reasonable speed.

However I have done no configuration on these 3 Primary Servers in regards to Load balancing, and we have Patch Management etc. on all 3. I understand that a "form" of load balancing is automatic.....

I have read a lot on the forums, about closest server etc., but how do I actually config ZCM to have load balancing something like Server 1 for the ZCC, imaging, patch management only, and 2 and 3 for the agent.

Is it a case of stopping the services or using the closet server rules (default) and if it is the rules, how easy is it to achieve what I need to do..

Please help tearing hair out (what little have left) because cannot find an answer !!

Many thanks

Simon Rees