Will migrating objects from Zen 4 SP1b to zcm10 work okay?

Apparently Novell says you need a minimum of Zen 4.07 to migrate.
Is Zen 4 SP1b older or newer than 4.07?

And even if my version IS older, do only certain things not migrate well? I want to migrate application objects (some that simply run batch files, some that do registry changes, some with Snap (.ao* files) Keeping the appl object's user/user group Associations would be nice too. I know they would end up being migrate to bundles, MSI files, or individual actions.

Anything else I could migrate would be nice too. (group policies, workstation objects). So my main concern is the application objects, but anything anyone knows about the other items being able to migrate would be appreciated.

If I'd have to upgrade before migrating, what's the smoothest, least painful (buggy) route, without affecting my end users, in order to get to 10?