External access from Internet to internal IIS5 site via static NAT inBM(3.7?) fails intermittently. Problem remains with and without BM
filtering. Internal access to same IIS5 site is stable. Symptoms the

same when attempting access from DMZ.

College has 2Mb/s NTL link. Local router has public address Bordermanager has address range to .166 is set up for static NAT to which is
one of the addresses on IIS5/Win2000. BM also handles Internet access

(out) for students via proxy and remote access (in) to GW email with
no apparent problem. IIS5 hosts a range of sites for internal and
external use. All use asp and are stable from the intranet. This
particular site uses windows authentication for external access by
staff. A similar site on the same IIS5 box is used for external
access (.165) by students/parents. This is set up for anonymous
access (i.e. no windows authentication) yet seems to display the samesymptoms. Disussion with our Novell supplier/support has yet to yield

a solution to this pressing problem.

Any pointers to a solution would be much appreciated. It's great that

staff are willing to work from home to update student reports/recordsbut this problem is eroding their goodwill. Don't hesitate to ask for

clarification or further details. As you may gather, I know less
about BM than teaching students!

Regards to all,
Mike Vybiral
Beauchamp College
Leicester UK