It seems as though the officeInfo items are not being populated through the web request using the Contact method. Below is and example of my code.

private void FillABNAKeyListFromAB() {
string pabID = GetSelectedAddressBookID();
string title

createCursorRequest curReq = new createCursorRequest();
curReq.container = pabID;
createCursorResponse curRep = _gwBind.createCursorRequest(curReq);

readCursorRequest readReq = new readCursorRequest();
readReq.count = 25;
readReq.container = pabID;
readReq.cursor = curRep.cursor;
readReq.forward = true;
readReq.position = CursorSeek.start;
readCursorResponse readRep = _gwBind.readCursorRequest(readReq);

pbCurrent.Value = 0;
int progress = 0;
while (readRep.status.code == 0 && readRep.items != null &&
readRep.items.item != null) {
int count = readRep.items.item.Length;
int i = 0;
Organization org;
Contact contact;
while (i < count) {
Item item = readRep.items.item[i];
Type type = item.GetType();
if (type == typeof(Contact)) {
contact = (Contact)item;
this is where the problem is title = contact.officeInfo.title

The officeInfo object never has any data in it even though I know that contact has information that should be in there, however would have data or any other contact item, is this a problem on Novells side with the updated GW8 WSDL or am I doing something wrong? Help!!