About four years ago someone was toying with the settings on Win 2003

They some how changed the colors of their mapped network drive ( I'm not entirely sure where this would fall: Either under the Novell Client, the iFolder, or the eDirectory ) But everytime they login with the novell client ( At any computer ) Their mapped network drive folders have a different color. All items in the subfolders have the default color ( Black. )

I'm thinking it has something to do with Windows Color settings ( The old block styles that Windows 2003 had. ) But for the death of me I can not figure out how to return it to normal.

This hasn't been causing any problems and it's a light green color so it's not the blue-archive color.

The color is a Light Green, and I was told that she simply clicked all of the items, clicked properties, and somehow got a drop-down menu of colors to pick. I've gone through and look a dozen times and could not find such a thing in Windows XP.

All other folders relating to her are default colors just the folders in one mapped network drive and all immediate sub folders.

If anyone could help me fix this it would be greatly appreciated. :)