I have CIFS loaded on a Netware 6.5 w/sp6 server.

Periodically, the name that our CIFS server uses to advertises itself
changes. FS1-W becomes FS1-:::::::::W1 in the Windows Explorer.

When it changes, no one can connect to it. If I look at the server
console all appears well. The server is not abended and all NCP
connects continue to work. If I type "cifs share" it show all the
shares. I can stop and start the CIFS service without the server

We use this drive for the scanner to deliver scans to our staff.
Previously we had a Canon scanner and everything worked. Recently our
scanners got upgraded and now they use Konica-Minolta. Since the
upgrade it no longer works. Thhe scanner is the only thing using the
CIFS service. If I stop and restart CIFS and they reset their scanners
then it will work for about a week. Then the problem reappears.

Anyone ahve any idea weith what might cause this?