This past January I started a thread in this forum called "ndsd failing, using
negative memory". The "negative memory" was obviously just a cosmetic issue,
but the underlying problem with the eDirectory daemon remains. We are running
OES2 64-bit, which since my January post we have upgraded to SLES10 SP2/OES2
SP1. Every few weeks ndsd suddenly starts using more and more memory, and if we
do nothing it soon crashes, disconnecting all of our users from the server.

Right now we have a script set to run every hour that checks the daemon's memory
usage and alerts me if it goes over a certain value. When it does we wait until
the end of our school day, get everyone logged out of the server, and restart
ndsd. Then the memory usage returns to normal and we're usually fine again for
at least two weeks. Eventually, though, the problem always comes back. One
thing I have found is that we did not have the problem during the summer when
our people were away. The problem only seems to develop when the server is
being used heavily.

I've seen other mentions of the problem in this forum, but I haven't seen a
confirmed solution. We don't have a support agreement with Novell, and so I
don't have an option to open a case with them. Any suggestions, or is this just
something that Novell has to fix?

On a side note, before I applied OES2 SP1 it took the server no more than 60
seconds to restart ndsd. Since the upgrade it now takes about 10 minutes. Any
thoughts on that?

Jim Wagner
Arcadia Valley Schools