I only got to know this because I had opened an SR on iPrint issues. Novell has very secretly updated their iPrint plugins for iManager. The new versions are dated July 2009 and can be found here:

NOVELL: Downloads - iPrint Plug-in for iManager 2.7x e Media Kit

This is the download location of the "old" plugins from OES2SP1 / NW65SP8 and the download package shows the date of december 2008. Yet, the files in it are newer, but this is impossible to see from outside. There is also no mention of the secret update in the readme, nor have the new iPrint plugins be included int he list queried by iManager to automatically discover new plugins.

So let's hope that with all Novell's efforts of hiding this important update, my message will allow at least some customers to discover the existence of these new plugins that include important bug fixes.