OK, odd nss situation involving a pool rename and newly cluster enabled volume, so a bit of background first. I have a 2 node cluster with several clustered pools and volumes. I also have a volume on its own nss pool/partition/device that was not cluster enabled or shared, but it's on the fiber san and had always been mounted on server 2.

We had to down both servers this weekend for some electrical work to be done. I brought back up server one first and it found the LUN and mounted the non-clustered volume. Everything looked fine, but of course the drive mapping no longer worked in the login script so I figured this would be a good time to cluster enable. Unfortunately, I renamed the pool first, then marked its device for sharing and updated edir with Alt-F8, then created the new cluster object. Now the clustered volume works on server one, but the new pool name shows up properly on server one in nssmu while the old pool name shows up on the other node. Will this cause a problem if the new volume is migrated over to the other node? Is there something else I need to do to make sure the data doesn't get corrupted? Thanks.