We are running GW6 on a NW6 sp3 server. We have BM 3.7 running on
another NW6 sp3 server.

Currently the GW6 server is open to outside access on public IP
xxx.xxx.xxx.65, port 1677. It is also open internally on a private IP, port 1677. Access via the internet on the public side
works as does internal access via the private IP.

We are trying to set up public access via static NAT and BM 3.7 to the
private IP.
A secondary public IP address, xxx.xxx.xxx.11 was created on the BM
3.7 server and linked in the NAT translation table to in
inetcfg. NAT Implicit Filtering is disabled. Filter exceptions were
set up per Craig Johnson's Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter
Exceptions for GW access. We have checked the filter configurations
and they do match the example in the book.

With filtering on, nothing gets through. With it off, we can ping the
secondary address and using set tcp ip debug, see that it reaches the
GW6 server which responds. Similarly we can try to access Groupwise
via the secondary ip address. Debug shows that its getting through to
the GW6 server, and the server replies, but the connection fails.
(Clarification, this is NOT web access but simply using the GW

Obviously we're doing something or several things wrong, but are not
sure where to go from here. Any suggestions would be greatly