OK, this is a bit weird, but then again that's why I'm coming here...

We're using BM3.9 SP1 on NW6.5 SP7 and have several people connecting client to site vpn to do, well, whatever odd things they do on our network. :) We recently set someone up from another company's network and she would connect OK for a short period (sometimes a couple of seconds, sometimes a couple of minutes) and then the link would just freeze. She did not disconnect, the icon was still in the notification area, but she just hung up.

The funky part comes in when I test it with my account; no problems occur. Same PC from same other company network to ours, it seems to work just fine. We had another technician test it and it worked fine with her account, but when using a standard test account it duplicated the original problem. Doing a "stare and compare" between accounts, I'm not seeing what the differences are. My first thought is I missed something in setting the account up for VPN, but if that was the case it wouldn't connect at all, would it? Can anyone think of anything that I might be missing which could be the root of this? I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance!