Hi there,
I am using netware 6 (sp3), Bm 3.7 (sp2), and Zen4 (sp1).

The bordermanager server ip internal nic: (

The bordermanager server ip external nic: (
The netware server ip: (

The bordermanager server is used as the gateway for the netware
server. The
computers on the "inside" can connect to the netware server with no
and can access the "outside" network through Bordermanager. I can
logon to the Bm server through the external nic.
Now, I would like to logon to the netware server from the outside
the bm server). How can I do this? I hope what I have said actually
sense. Please can you give an answer with a bit of detail as I am a
that knowledgeable beyond the basics.