We just started rolling out the sp1 client to a few workstations because of
issues with the hp2 one and we're running into 2 problems.
For some reason the client starts to ask for the users password with a
checkbox for SSO on startup, we've always used eDir authentication but for
some reason it does not want to disable the password screen. (or at least, i
havnt figured out how yet)

2nd issue that i'm seeing is more cosmetic, it seems to install the turkish
language next to whatever language you have marked as 'yes' in the cfg by
default. There is no mention of the turkish language in the setup.cfg.

I've seen the SSO login screen problem before with GW6(.5) which required us
to remove some dll to get the 'no password required for eDir' option back,
but that option is currently still there but does not seem to work.

Any ideas ?

We roll out our clients with 'setup.cfg' and we havn't updated the server
yet to sp1. It is still running hp2 on a SLES10sp2 server.