NW 6.5 sp3 - Server Crashed
I had a failing server that contained a couple of GW Post Offices. I installed a new server and moved my Post Offices to that server. After bringing down the old server, I changed the IP address of the new server to the IP address of the old server. All is running well on the new server, including GW.

The old server is down, but when I attempt to delete the server object from the tree, the message states the server cannot be deleted while it is up. This is likely because of the IP address on the new server. The old server is still showing up in the Replica and Partitions operations.

My thoughts on removing the old server from the tree are this:

Bring up the old server offline
Change the IP address to something new
Prevent the GW agents from loading on startup
Put the old server on line so EDir sees it with a new address.
Take down the old server
Delete it from the tree using the "Crashed Server" routine in TID: 3338221

Does anyone see any issues with this process?
Any and all thoughts are appreciated.