I have to auto-forward my messages to an external email address. And I want to delete these messages from the Sent Items. So i set up a rule:

When event is : Close Folder
Select folder: Sent Items
Item types: (none selected)
Define Condition: Act on items where To contains '<forwardemailaddress>' and Subject begins with 'Fwd'
Then actions are : Delete/Decline, Empty Item

This rule should delete the forwarded outgoing mails when I close the Sent Items folder, but it does not work. When I run it manually, it deletes the messages, so only the trigger / event of the rule does function. I tried to change the event to Open folder but the result is the same. When I change it to Startup or Exit it works.

Can somebody confirm this behaviour?
Is this working as designed or is this a bug or I miss something?

(GW client/server on gw8sp1 eng)