Hi there,

I have a weird situation here at a costumers site:

The BM 3.5 server is running NetWare 5.1 with DS8.6.2 and has 4 adapters;
(TCPIP 5.93h)

adapter1: /
adapter2: /
adapter3: /
adapter4: 80.65.121.x /

my default route is
a static route (host) is (route to host y.y.y.y)

now, adapter 1 and 2 do NOT have NAT.
Adapter 3 and 4 DO have NAT:

adapter3: dynamic nat
adapter4: dynamic nat

In this situation, routing and so are just working perfect. Just fine.

The problem occurs that when I bind a secondary ipaddress to adapter4, and
set a static and dynamic nat to (other NW5.1 server), this
particular server is then unable to ping to the internet (route should be ---
Pinging to won't work.
Even IPTRACE doesn't show proper routes (none to be exact).
BM can ping the internet (via

Funny is, that this server CAN ping other servers via the static-route. The
10.0.0.x route is cut-off.....
(TCPCON is showing the proper routes)

Resetting adapter4 to DYNAMIC NAT ONLY makes the other NW51 server to ping

Is this a bug?
Am I doing something wrong here? I've never seen this before...


Jurgen Grote Punt