I have scoured the newsgroups for this issue and have found many similar
problems, however, have not seen a clear answer to this problem. So here

I am running BM3.5.3 on NW50sp6. I am not using FTP proxy, nor do I have
any filters enabled. I am using Static and Dynamic NAT. I am having
trouble transferring data to a single W2k FTP server on the internet. I
can connect & login fine, however, when issuing PUT,GET or LS commands I
receive this:
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list.

The FTP sessions simply hangs from there. From what I've read this appears
to be an issue between the NAT and active FTP sessions. Here are my

In any way does BM NAT support Active ftp connections at all?

What determines the type of session initiated(passive or active) - the
client or the server?

According to Microsoft, IIS 5.0 FTP servers support both types. If so,
the why could I not transfer to this one W2K server?

Does anyone have any clear solutions for this issue??

Thanks in advance.