I've successfully pulled a listing of all the saved emails in the 'Work in
Progress' folder, now I'd like to know how to send them. I'm doing it in
vb.net, but any .net code would be helpful, I'm using the code below. I get
response codes from the sendItemRequest of 0 which I believe is success, and
the program is successfully finding the emails I want to send, but the items
still remain in the work in progress folder and are never actually sent. Am
I missing something? If so what?

Thanks in advance.
Brian W.

Public Sub SendDraftMessages()
Dim mlReq As New GWWS.getItemsRequest()
Dim mlResp As GWWS.getItemsResponse

mlReq.container = cmboFolders.SelectedValue 'SelectedValue is 'Work
in Progress folder's ID.
mlResp = wsGWBinding.getItemsRequest(mlReq)
If IsNothing(mlResp.items) = False Then
For Each theItem As GWWS.Mail In mlResp.items
Dim gwSendReq As New GWWS.sendItemRequest
Dim gwSendResp As New GWWS.sendItemResponse

gwSendReq.item = theItem
gwSendResp = wsGWBinding.sendItemRequest(gwSendReq)
If gwSendResp.status.code = 0 Then
ReportStuff("Successfully sent mail item: " &
ReportStuff("Failed to send mail item, code: " &
End If
End If
End Sub