Anyone know why the server is looking in the wrong place.
Section from the Loader-messages.log below repeated for several pages? The web page does not exist but

does! If it is a spelling mistake how do I fix it?

[Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST: Attempting to get updates.xml from URL: / [] []
[Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST: Calling executeMethod...] [] []
[Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINEST: status = 404] [] []
[Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINER: Failed to get 404 Not Found] [] []
[Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINE: No updates.xml available at for zam:10.1] [] [][/SIZE][/SIZE]

Side bit
Make sure


has all permissions set. Mine could not update as it only had read permissions.